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Known Issues
s!mpL3 LAN Messenger has some known issues. These issues are under investigation for ways to get them resolved or to work around them.
Some of them are specific to a certain Windows version so this will be listed after the issue along with how severe it is considered.

Issues Under Investigation:

When trying to move the main s!mpL3 LAN Messenger window, the other windows it has created (conversation/chat/about etc) move relatively to the man window.
This happens after the Preferences window has been opened (which should move relatively to the main window).

This issue is related to the way AutoIt handles child windows so there is no solution at the moment.

Affected OS: All
Workaround: None
Severity: Low

When a new IP address is assigned, s!mpL3 LAN Messenger will disconnect from the network.
This behaviour is expected but can cause confusion. The reason it happens is because each new IP address is assigned in the place of the first one causing all the already assigned IP addresses to shift a spot.
This can happen if you are using virtual network devices created by VM software such as VMWare, VirtualBox or other software and normally multiple addresses will already exist which won't cause an issue.
When using Windows 10 Technical Preview and you are searching for Bluetooth devices, various IP addresses seem to become assigned which can have the same effect as above, this doesn't happen with the stable Windows 10 release.

Affected OS: All
Workaround: None
Severity: Medium

When using a Windows DPI setting above 100% drag & drop doesn't work which means sending files doesn't work. This seems to be an AutoIt issue.

Affected OS: Windows 10 (not yet tested on other Windows versions)
Workaround: Changing the Windows DPI setting to 100% should work fine. I will add a different way to send files in the next update.
Severity: Medium

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